Tuesday, January 24th, 2017


Powerhire is a UK-based company with a proven expertise in the provision of power hire requirements on a multitude of projects from simple singe unit rental to full turnkey systems for the Healthcare, Retail and Financial markets as well as Data, Construction and Manufacturing sectors along with Film, TV, Events and Festivals. In December 2016 the company was involved in providing temporary rental power for an entertainment event – over a period of five weeks – staged by a production company in Finsbury, Islington, London. Thanks to Powerhire, a marquee was transformed into a stunning après venue with sound, lighting and technology to entertain corporate revellers with a truly authentic and magical Christmas event. The event would not only need power for our client’s creative technology but also for the entertainment and catering facilities throughout the venue.

A Powerhire spokesman commented: “One of the Production Company’s Project Managers contacted us to discuss the power package requirements for the Christmas event in London. He advised us what the venue needed and issues about the projected location of the generators – this was a sizeable distance from the road. Our Powerhire Technical Sales Manager met him onsite and agreed that the weight of a 500kVA would be too heavy for a fully extended HIAB boom and therefore the client’s requested power package of 2 x 500kVA operating in parallel redundancy would not be possible. We advised an alternative solution and recommended a 3 x 300kVA generator power package on a load demand start scenario.Our logistics team delivered the power package to site whilst London was still covered in darkness to park the HIAB in the best location for offloading the generators whilst the roads surrounding Finsbury Square were still very quiet.”

He concluded: “The complete power package was positioned and set up on load demand start as previously agreed with our client so the event marquee would never lose power. This meant that dependent upon the power load
needed within the marquee at any one time the generators would start up in sequence, as required. Thus if the power load rose beyond the capacity of the first 300kVA then the next one would start to accommodate the increase in power. Realistically the 3rd 300kVA acts as a failsafe back-up generator and is highly unlikely to be used, simply part of their contingency protocol. The generator set up proved effective for the five-week hire period without any interruption in power or the use of the 3rd generator.”


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